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The fastest way to expand your business in Asia

Asialize brings your business to Asia in the quickest, simplest and cheapest way. From marketing to logistics, we provide you with everything you may need to enjoy the Asian economic boom.

Import - Export Europe - Asia, internationalization of your business in China, India or South East Asia. We are here to assist you in the process


New to Asian markets? We are the easiest - and cheapest - way to approach Asia by internationalizing your business.

Already there, but still have that feeling of missing something? We help you getting the best out of your current organization, improving the relationships with your Asian counterpart, should it be a business partner, a colleague, or a shareholder. 


Asia has completely different rules. In China, for instance, forget Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp. Here, online you need to deal with WeChat. Alibaba and Taobao replace Amazon.

Asialize guides you through this jungle with a dedicated half-European half-Chinese team, to let you exploit all the opportunities this incredible market possesses, from the very set-up to the boost of your Asian growth.



Should you operate in the Asian market as a source or a target for your products, we provide you with all the logistics advisory and operations you need. 
Asialize drives your growth through Special Economic Zones, custom duties, shipping alternatives, in the new Silk Road.



At Asialize, we deliver meaningful presentations and organize courses to increase the awareness of diversity. We help out in improving the conversation and the relationship between Western and Eastern branches of a company, or teaching how to deal with that Chinese partner that makes you struggle. Our approach is always very hands-on, with a good balance between theory and business cases.



Cina, Shanghai Shi, Changning Qu, Jiang Su Lu, 876号贵冠商务中心 邮政编码: 200000

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